RNA-Seq Analysis Service

RNA strand in a globe

Total RNA Sequencing

  • Certified solution for unbiased gene expression profiles
  • Compatible with low input, FFPE samples, and any organism (mammals, plants, bacteria, and more)
  • Comprehensive publication-ready biofinformatics gene expression analysis report

User Friendly & Comprehensive Report

Image showing 4 pages of the total RNA-Seq report

Publication-Ready Gene Expression Analysis at the Touch of a Button

Full Analysis Includes:

  • Sample Distance Matrix (PCA/heatmap)
  • Gene expression heatmap
  • Scatter plot
  • MA plot
  • Gene set enrichment

Unbiased Gene Expression Data with Probe-Free Technology

Workflow Certified Using RNA Standards of Known Composition

Probe-Free rRNA Depletion
Unbiased Libraries
(264 genes affected)
Plot graph of Probe-Free rRNA depletion unbiased libraries
Probe-Based rRNA Removal
Biased Libraries
(3,603 genes affected)
Plot graph of Probe-Based rRNA removal biased libraries
Human reference RNA + ERCC spike-in samples subjected to Zymo-Seq probe-free rRNA depletion or competing methods shows dramatically biased transcript removal using Probe-based technique.

Robust Workflow Compatible with Any Sample Type

Graph of depletetion comparison between human, mouse and e.coli
Compatible with many diverse sample types including human, mouse, bacteria, plant (A. thaliana, rat, whole blood, peripheral leukocytes, and more)!

Small RNA Sequencing

Image showing 3 pages of the small RNA-Seq report
  • Efficient small RNA capture and isolation including but not limited to miRNA, piwiRNA, snoRNA, etc.
  • Compatible with cfRNA from plasma and serum samples.
  • Comprehensive publication-ready small RNA expression data analysis

Efficient small RNA Capture from Biological Samples

Graph of percent algined to hg38
Graph of percent algined to miRBase
Total cell-free RNA from a set of three different donors captured using ZymoResearch RNA isolation methods followed by optimized cfRNA-seq library prep generates more reads that align to either the human reference genome (hg38, left/top) or a microRNA database (miRBase, right/bottom). View the white paper to learn more.

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Services include flexible solutions from sample collection all the way to data analysis!

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